I have always had a passion for creating things that are unique and I much prefer using old materials and parts rather than new off-the-shelf materials. Over the years I have gathered a workshop full of “too good to throw away” bits and pieces and have now discovered the joy of giving a new life to old parts and materials.

Time gives a warmth and quality feel to old items that simply cannot be recreated and I try to capture the history of the components in each item that I make.

Although I love to make all sorts of things and love to experiment with metal work, wood work, textiles, plastics and other mediums, being qualified in electrical and electronic engineering lead me quite easily into creating lamps and has allowed me to literally light up the beauty of old products which may otherwise be resigned to the scrap heap.

With a focus on quality and safety all of my lamps or other electrical items are properly put together using only quality electrical components, each being assembled with all new cable, lamp holders, switches and plugs. They are all put through a rigorous PAT (Portable Appliance Test) before leaving my workshop and every one comes bearing a PAT test label and accompanied by a detailed PAT test safety certificate.

Explore the menu above to view my current selection of lamps and other items or click on some of the featured items below. Remember that every item is a unique one-off so once it’s sold then it’s gone forever. Please contact me if you have any questions about any of my items.