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1950’s Belfast Corporation Gas Meter – Table Lamp

£249 Item#0273

This amazing lamp has been carefully handmade from an old Belfast Corporation mains gas meter. Originally fitted in a home in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1951, I’m sure that this piece would tell some interesting stories if it could talk!

This meter was originally made by Thomas Glover & Company Limited who were established in London in 1844 and it bears a beautiful embossed makers plate on the front which includes the Royal crest as they were the holders of a Royal Warrant for the manufacture of gas meters. Another embossed plate on the top reads “Property of Belfast Corporation” There is also a neat little plate on the front giving advice in the event of a gas leak, which begins with the very sound advice “Do not search with a naked light”!!

The meter was used to measure the consumption of mains gas in cubic feet and was connected using old lead pipes which are still attached to the inlet and outlet side of the meter – one of these has been used as the arm for the light bulb.

The lamp is fitted with an E14 SES (small edison screw) bulb holder and comes complete with flame filament style lamp. The attached power cord has an inline switch for easy control.

This will grace any home or office and would be a perfect talking point in any bar, restaurant or man cave.

This and my other items made from reclaimed or salvage components will have been cleaned and subjected to a range of finishing treatments, all of these items will display imperfections and show signs of their history through the odd scratch or dent picked up with wear and handling over the years. This is what gives these items their charm and warmth and makes each one truly unique, it is not a fault, it is an enhancement and is what has lead to the creation of the finished item.

The electrical conversion has been carried out by a qualified electrical engineer and this lamp comes complete with a current portable appliance test (PAT) certificate for your safety and peace of mind.

All electrical items carry a two month guarantee and faulty items can be sent back for repairs. You will be responsible for posting the item back to me but I will repair and return it free of charge. Please do not attempt repairs or to disassemble items yourself, this can be dangerous and may lead to further problems possibly resulting in the item being non-repairable. Bulbs, where included, are tested before shipping and are not returnable. Please contact me BEFORE returning any items. This item is wired for UK use with a standard three pin mains plug is fitted but this could be easily changed to any international standard.

Approximate dimensions:
Height 56cm (22 inches)
Width 25cm (10 inches)
Depth 20cm (8 inches)
Weight 6.23 Kg

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